GGateway Outsourcing Hub

GGateway is an Information Technology Outsourcing women-led impact business. GGateway has an innovative model that transforms youth lives by capacity building and creating employment opportunities in IT outsourcing. With a successful business model and reliable operation, GGateway is a regional outsourcing hub. IPSD will work with GGateway to enable the company to improve its financial sustainability and include rapid IT skills development and a platform for recruiting private companies, which can outsource services to Gaza IT professionals. Additionally, the IPSD will help GGateway scaleup their operations in a sustainable manner by helping it enhance its operations, widen its client base, and increase placement rate of its alumni at local IT companies.

As one of the main entities that supports freelancing/outsourcing to Gaza through its innovative business model, GGateway is expected to contribute to catalysing the entry and growth of IT-enabled businesses, by leveraging the thousands of unemployed technology graduates.

Major Activities:

  • Present a sustainable and successful outsourcing hub for IT-enabled businesses
  • Access to outsourcing market activities
  • Capacity Building Program
  • Employment matchmaking