Home-Based Business Framework

A ‘home-based business’ (HBB) is defined as one whose activities are based at home such that the use of the house for business purposes is secondary to its main residential use, most of them are women who do not have the opportunity to work outside the home.

This activity will provide financing to support the development of the HBB framework to allow a larger number of individuals to start their businesses and projects with the lowest costs and simplest procedures. It will aim at developing a high-quality HBB registration system in line with the Government’s policy of improving the investment climate by minimizing unjustified costs disproportionately affecting HBBs. This activity also aims at enhancing the transparency and clarity of the registration process, regulating and clarifying procedures and technical requirements


  • Develop a regulatory framework governing HBBs and propose amendments to existing regulations, policies, and procedures.
  • Develop incentive packages for HBB and supporting behavioral change
  • Awareness campaigns: Events and campaigns to increase the awareness about HBB legal framework , and promote the different incentives provided for registered HBB’s