New Automated and Unified Business Registry System

This activity intends to implement a new automated business registry for Palestine, including a new institutional, regulatory, procedural, and technology framework. And benchmarking and good practices for automated business registries in terms of time, cost and effectiveness. The new system will transform the current manual business registration to be automated through streamlining the process and upgrading the interoperability between Ministry of National Economy and other involved stakeholders.

The improved system and IT solution will deliver interconnectivity and integrated process orchestration amongst public and private sector stakeholders involved in the business registration in Palestine. The new system will reduce burden on business entities by simplifying administrative procedures, as well it will increase efficiency and by the end will affect socio-economic positively.



  • Develop a New Automated and Unified Business Registry System  
  • Process re-engineering for the business registry
  • Develop new portal for Ministry of National Economy