Improving Linkages to Regional Entrepreneurship Ecosystems

This Activity is intended to support local entrepreneurs, start-ups, and SMEs to access regional/international markets. The support is planned through several interventions aimed at raising the awareness in regional and international markets about the local ecosystem, engaging local beneficiaries with regional partners, as well as providing sponsorship for Market Access Services (MAS) through grants. Additionally, the activity will also create a platform (in the form of a web portal) for beneficiaries, showcasing the local market and facilitating international connections


  • Awareness Events: Events with regional stakeholders to increase the awareness about the local ecosystem, and promote business transactions with Palestinian startups and SMEs.
  • B2B Networking Events: Focused, peer-to-peer events aimed at closing partnership and/or investment deals with key regional investors/stakeholders
  • Ecosystem Portal: Web portal to Educate, Discover, and Connect with the local community.
  • Market Access Services (MAS) Grants: Cost sharing of market entry and/or expansion activities for individual and groups of firms