Market Access Services

The purpose of this program is to improve the economic activity of Palestinian startups and SMEs, through supporting the implementation of activities focused on linkage opportunities with regional and international markets. The program intends to alleviate some of the market failures by supporting innovative startups and SMEs through matching grants to bridge gaps in accessing new markets and expending in existing ones.

IPSD understands that to create linkage opportunities, startups and SMEs must perform a number of activities to enhance their chances in succeeding in new markets and expending in existing ones. Such activities include market research, marketing and communication, product/service development, capability upgrading, as well as matchmaking with potential investors and business partners, accelerators, and mentors. However, startups and SMEs face financial and non-financial constrains to conduct market access activities.

As such, the project intends to create a Market Access Services (MAS) Grants program through matching-grants, to support market access activities and refer beneficiaries to relevant project initiatives, to maximize the outcomes of the program.

The program will target technology and technology-enabled, innovative Palestinian startups and SMEs regardless of their sector, with a cost-sharing grant to cover some of the costs associated with market access services. Startups and SMEs can apply as individual firms for specific activities (for the benefit of one firm), or as a group of firms for shared activities (for the benefit of multiple firm, with similar market access development priorities).

Stay tuned to learn more about the grant coverage, eligibility criteria, and when/how you can apply!