NEXUS Program

Applications are now closed!

Thank you for your interest in NEXUS Program. Application deadline for the first NEXUS MARS cohort was August 26, 2021 and we no longer accept new applications.

The NEXUS program aims to support Palestinians firms that are ready to expand into regional and international markets through a phased cohort approach with specific target markets. NEXUS will include the following:

Market Access Readiness Services (MARS) Phase: Applicants will apply to join the first cohort for receiving MARS that provides tailored coaching and technical assistance to startups and SMEs towards preparation of their capacity to expand in the regional or international markets.

Market Access Penetration Grants (MAP) Phase: Based on the assessment of the technical needs of firms to enter the market, a MAP Grant will provide cost-sharing grants to support the specific activities of the selected Startups and innovative SMEs. The MAP Grant will initially target the participants of the MARS phase. Not all firms participating in the MARS phase will necessarily qualify for grants.

The financial support for individual firms can reach up to 70% of eligible costs, with a total up to USD 25,000 per firm. Women-owned/managed businesses meeting the eligibility criteria will be eligible for an extra 10% of the cost-sharing percentage (up to 80% instead of up to 70% of eligible expenditures), not exceeding USD 25,000 per firm.

Eligibility Criteria for the NEXUS Program:

(Must meet all the criteria)

  • Be a company legally registered, and operating in the West Bank and Gaza; or in the process of legal registration; or committed to register with the Ministry of National Economy;

  • Be operational for at least 3 months prior to applying to the program;

  • Annual revenue not to exceed USD 5,000,000 for previous years;

  • Proposed project’s environmental impacts are minimum or non-existent.

Applications: IPSD invites all technology and/or tech-enabled Palestinian startups and innovative SMEs that are interested in accessing new markets with evidence or high potential for regional and international scalability or potential capital-raising intent to apply to the NEXUS program.  Applications are now open for the United Arab Emirates cohort with a closing August 26, 2021