IPSD is committed to its beneficiaries, partners, and the public by maintaining the highest standards of accountability and responsibility during the implementation of its activities.

IPSD will launch a fully open and competitive application solicitation process through the release of either program announcements or Request for Applications (RFAs), as applicable. IPSDI will target both Standard opened grants and targeted grants:

  • Standard Open Grants will operate on a first come, first served mechanism, open to startups and firms across the country in all sectors
  • Targeted grants: will adopt the eligibility criteria to focus support to key elements of the ecosystem, illustratively, these may include:
  1. Sector /Service Specific Challenge Grants, in which a call for applications will target linkages in a specific industry (e.g renewable energy, ICT, Tourism or other).
  2. Women and youth grants, which will target female and youth owned and/or managed companies.
  3. Diaspora Linkage grants, to support commercial linkages with diaspora-managed companies.
  4. Social Enterprise Grants, to support social entrepreneurship and digital solutions in social sectors, including health and education.
  5. Outsourcing Support Grants, to mobilize support for ITO and BPO outsourcing companies and their distinct requirements.
  6. Research and Development Grants: To support research projects at the cross section of academia, and the private sector, having high commercialization pot