With support from the World Bank and implemented by DAI as a Project Implementing Agency (PIA) on behalf of the Ministry of National Economy (MoNE), IPSD’s objective to alleviate market failures related to gaps and binding constraints in the entrepreneurship ecosystem of the digital economy including in human capital, financing, product markets, enabling policies, institutional support, and connectivity]

Implementation instruments
  • Early stage financing (See grants for more details)
  • Market access services
  • Mentorship and coaching
  • Skills enhancement training
  • Employment matching
  • Streamlining business registration
  • Increasing ties to regional markets
  • Building the skills for the private sector’s labour market needs
  • Reforming business environment
Target beneficiaries
  • Individuals:
    • Entrepreneurs including angle investors from West Bank and Gaza
    • IT professionals inThe West Bank and  Gaza
  • Established and operational firms:
    • technology sector
    • startups
    • Home-based businesses
    • SMEs and MSMEs who are not yet registered